Hot presses range includes standard machines for 2500-3000-3500×1300 mm, with 50 to 200 ton pressure, with 4 to 10 cylinders.

Different versions and sizes are always available on request.

Hot presses are generally used for laying plywood on hollow panels or for veneering chipboards or MDF panels or similar process.

The plates can be of various types:

  • Serpentine plates, water- or diathermic oil heated
  • Assembles plates, water- or diathemric oil-heated
  • Perforated solid plates, water- or diathermic oil-heated.
  • Aluminium-alloy plates with buit-in electric heaters.

The water-heated versions can be supplied with wood-fired or electric boiler; the boiler is normally delivered with oil-heated versions.

These, as well as those with electric plates, allow substantial advantages: higher temperatures (therefore shorter glue setting times); easy adjustability by thermostat, greater safety.

The assembled plates and especially the solid ones, allow higher pressures (Ex. 300/400 ton).

The available range is rather wide and includes models which differentiate for dimensions, pressures, numeber of cylinders, opening between plates, type and number of plates and heating system.

All models of hot presses can be equipped with one or more intermediary plates to allow pressing two or more panels for each working cycle.


  • Table sizes: 2500 – 3000 – 3500 mm.
  • Cylinders: from 4 to 10 with Ø 70/85 mm.
  • Max thrust: 50 – 60 – 70 – 90 – 120 – 160 – 200 ton.
  • Cylinders stroke: from 450 mm. to 650 mm.
  • Heating by means of wood-fired boiler, electric boiler for oil or water, electric resistors.
  • Balanced movement of the platen by means of racks, toothed wheels and guides sliding on fours uprights.
  • Hydraulic cylinders, made of steel for mechanical use based on reserved STETON project. Seals of primary interantional company, fully interchangeable. chromed piston rods for higher hardness and longer life, sliding on anti-friction bushings, lubricated by the same oil of the press.


  • Intermediate platens
  • Manual/Electric exclusion of two cylinders
  • Platens parallelism control with sensor
  • Electronic control of platens parallelism


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