The air forming presses are especially designed for sticking PVC-sheets or similiar materials to embossed shaped panels, even with back draft.

It therefore possibile to get window doors, furniture doors, PVC-coated embossed panels.

This is made through a combined system: on the rupper surface of the PVC sheet compressed air pressure is exerted whereas on its lower part depression is created by means of vacuum pump. The working cycle is complex and foresees the following: rapid closing of the plates; initial introduction of compressed air between  PVC panels, followed by depression and simultaneous introduction of compressed air on PVC from above; timing of the pressing; automatic opening of the plates which, as a rule, are oil-heated.

As a rule, the PVC comes from a reel; the plastic material, when heated, becomes very soft and malleable and can be adapted to the complex surface of the panel to be coated.


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