Through-feed presses are those where the introduction of panels between the plates and their extraction are fully automated, in order to reduce working cycle and manpower costs.

The basic outfit includes:

Loading table (equipped with belt conveyor, rollers or other)
Press with upper moving plate, with feeding belt to the lower fixed plate
Unloading table (equipped with rollers, wheels motor-driven carpet, possibly with traverse movement for piling up the pressed panels).

The motor-driven carpet on the press plate is made in “Mylar”, a material particularly resistant to temperature, abrasion and traction.

Various models are available for feeding the panels in or out in a longitudinal or transversal way, which can be inserted into complete working lines.

Of course, also the presses can have a structure made of seamless beams or pantographed thick steel plates and be equipped with various types of plates and with different heating systems.